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We at Sunset Elementary are fortunate to have plenty of time and space for our children to run and play!  In addition to the regular play structure, balls, jump ropes and playground games, a variety of activities are offered for the students.  We can always use help in the yard. If you are interested in volunteering, please email


Kickball: Every day, students gather in the back of the yard for a spirited game of kickball!  Playground monitors and parent volunteers help referee the games!

Game Cart: Once a week, our Learning Support Professional brings out a cart of board games so students can challenge each other to a game of Chess, Jenga, Uno and Battleship, to name a few!

Student Nutrition Services: At the beginning of each school year students are given a Student Nutrition Services Free and Reduced Meal Eligibility Form to complete. Parents must fill out the form, but have the choice of applying for the program or refusing the benefits.

There are four ways to prepay your child’s cafeteria account:

1. Prepay online via the website,

2. Prepay via the telephone at (866) 237-0946.

3. Prepay at school by submitting cash or check made out to the SFUSD Student Nutrition Services.

4. Mail a check directly to the central office located at: 841 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. You will need to include the child’s name and school so that it is properly credited.

Please note that to use the online and telephone features, you will need to obtain a “H0” number, which is issued on the child’s first day of school and can be located on a previous report card.

The costs of meals are:

Breakfast: $1.50
Lunch: $3.00

School Meal Menus

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