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This fee-based onsite afterschool program is offered for students of all grades and divided by grade level. The program combines academics with outdoor activities, and is held from 2:40 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. More information can be obtained from the school office or by contacting program director Elijah Chan at

Sunset Elementary Fall After School Enrichment Classes

Class Schedule 9/10/2018 – 12/14/2018

Online enrollment begins Friday August 31st at 9:00 a.m. and ends Friday September 7th at noon (or once maximum enrollment is reached).

Schedule at a Glimpse:

Mondays:   Tinkering, Mandarin

Tuesdays:   Drama, Spanish, Mandarin

Wednesdays: Spanish, Mandarin

Thursdays: Tree Frog Treks, Mandarin

Fridays: Chess


Class Description & Registration Information:


Description: Chess is fun and can be learned quickly and easily! Studies have found that chess helps improve test results in reading, science, and math, and produces growth in critical cognitive skills. Beyond academia, chess influences social behavior including self-esteem, respect for others, patience, and good sportsmanship. And did we mention: it’s FUN!  Boards and sets are provided for our classes. The Berkeley Chess School is a nonprofit organization offering chess instruction from kindergarten through high school since 1982.  Class limit: 20 students.

Grades:  1-5

Day: Fridays 9/14/2018-12/14/2018, except 11/23 and 11/30

Location:  2:50-3:50 Room 105

Cost: $204  (price reflects updated information after the flier was published)

Enroll Online:

Contact:  Jamie,, 510-843-0150


Drama – Time Traveling Actors

Description: Play, create and explore with a themed drama workshop. Together we’ll travel through space and time and use drama games and activities to learn more about different periods in history. Our time-traveling actors will visit a medieval castle, play on the Vaudeville stages of the late 1890’s, act with the ancient Greeks and sing with the cowboys of the American West. Who knows where (or when) we’ll land? This activity encourages storytelling, cooperation, spontaneity and physical activity in a fast-paced format.  On the final day of class, parents will be invited to a behind-the-scenes look at our drama workshop games and activities. Class limit: 20 students.

Grades:  K-2

Day:  Tuesdays 9/11/2018-12/11/2018, except 11/20, 11/27

Location:  2:50-3:50 Room 105

Cost:  $260 (some scholarships available, see contact info)

Enroll Online: (if this link  does not work email Kathleen Lee directly and she will register you)

Contact:  Kathleen Lee,, 415-694-6148


Qiao Ji Mandarin Language & Chinese Culture

Description: Qiao Ji Mandarin provides an excellent language program in a fun and nurturing environment. Students will learn to read and speak Mandarin as well as learning about Chinese culture through celebrations and classroom events. Our Mandarin teachers are all native Chinese speakers, and they are all experienced in teaching Mandarin and working with children. We are committed to building a solid foundation of life-time learning for our kids. Class limit: 30 students.

Grades:  K – 5 (four classes a week)

Day:  Daily, Monday – Thursday 9/10/2018-12/14/20, except 10/8, 11/12, 11/19-11/30


2:50-3:50 Room 116 (MK), Room 117 (M1)

4:00-5:00 Room 116 (M2), Room 117 (M3), Room A4 (M4)

Cost:  $770 + $10 (registration fee)

Enroll online:!registration/con8

Contact: Jane Kwok,, 415-533-8477



Description: New provider, SF Spanish!  Have your children learn and practice Spanish this Fall! This program provides energetic speaking, reading, and writing opportunities in basic Spanish. Our instructors use a variety of teaching methods, depending on the learning level and interests of the child, to teach vocabulary, colors, numbers, and general grammar. We keep classes fun throughout the learning process, using art, song, dance, simple cooking, and multimedia in Spanish. These methods help the children feel comfortable speaking and listening in their new language. Class limit: 10 students

Grades:  K – 2 (two classes a week)

Day: Tuesday and Wednesdays 9/11-12/11, except 11/21, 11/22, 11/27, 11/28

Location:  2:50-3:50 Library (Tues), Room 103 (Wed)

Cost:  $660

Enroll Online:

Contact:  Rocio,, (415) 735-4184.


Tinkering the Science of Magic

Description: Feeling enchanted by Harry Potter? Spellbound by Wings of Fire or Percy Jackson and the other Demigods? Always wanted your own dragon? Renegades tinker up magic boxes and wands to amaze their friends. Engineer magical devices. Experiment with potions. Create and bring home magical creatures to care for.  Whether training as a witch, wizard, or a stage magician, conjurors invent and practice a whole new bag of tricks. Our Renegade Teachers will guide Renegades as they explore, experiment, create and complete camp projects on their own.  Class limit: 18

Grades: 1-3

Day: Mondays 9/10 – 12/10 except 10/8, 11/12, 11/19, 11/26

Location:  2:50-3:50 Room 103 (Boys 1-3), Room 105 (Girls 1-3)

Cost:  $220 (one scholarship available, see contact info)

Enroll Online:

Contact:  Vicky Keston,, 415-694-6148


Tree Frog Treks – Wild Animal Explorers

Description:  Join Tree Frog Treks for our Wild Animal Explorer program!  We will learn about the five classes of vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals) by meeting live animals, studying skins, skulls, and specimens, and exploring the natural world.  Hold frogs and do the frog walk!  Find out about the secret lives of your own pets!  Touch a Red-tailed hawk wing and talons, learn bird calls, and use binoculars and a spotting scope to see our feathered friends up close.  Find out which bears used to live in San Francisco, and how they can sleep all winter without eating.  Develop your powers of observation, make fun take-home art projects, and come face-to-face with frogs, salamanders, lizards, snakes and our whole cast of creepy, crawly co-workers!  Class limit: 15 students.

Grades:  K-2, 3-5

Day:  Thursdays 9/13/2018 – 12/13/2018 except 11/22, 11/29

Location:  2:50-3:50 Room 103 (K-2); 4:00-5:00 Room 103(3-5)

Cost: $240

Enroll Online:

Contact:  Erin Elizabeth Dal Farro,, 415-876-3764


Enrollment Details:

  • Enrollment for all enrichment classes begins on Friday 8/31/2018 at 9:00 a.m. and ends Friday 9/7/2018 at noon, or when maximum enrollment is met, whichever comes first.
  • All enrichment classes have enrollment caps and minimums. Enrollment will be closed after max enrollment cap is met.  Siblings must be enrolled individually.  If the minimum enrollment for a class is NOT met, the class will be canceled. You will be alerted by the Afterschool Enrichment Coordinator, Wendy Wallin, and refunded by provider.
  • All enrichment classes have a late pick-up policy.  Parents will receive specific details from provider. If your child/ren are NOT enrolled in the After School Learning Program, they MUST be picked up after class at the designated classroom.  Child/ren in the Excel After School Learning Program should be picked up at their usual Excel pick-up location between 5:45 pm and 6:00 pm.  After class, the Enrichment class providers will escort your child/ren to the Excel After School Learning Program, where program staff will check them in.
  • Enrichment classes follow the school calendar. When school is closed, no enrichment classes take place. No classes will take place the week of Thanksgiving Break (11/19-11/23) & Parent/Teacher conferences (11/26-11/30).
  • Payment for enrichment classes should be made directly to the provider of the class via ONLINE enrollment or in some cases, by email/phone.  Registration links are below.  Scholarships are often available.
  • Specific questions about enrichment classes should be directed to the class provider listed on this flier.  Sunset Elementary teachers and PTA will not be able to answer specific questions.

For general questions about after school enrichment programs at Sunset Elementary School please contact:   Wendy Wallin, Afterschool Enrichment Program Coordinator at:


If you need translation help, please email

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