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Drama: Students in Grades K-3 explore their creativity through movement, music and their imaginations.

Dance: Students in all grades participate in a dance program based on modern dance techniques, emphasizing direction and momentum as well as improvisation. Students stretch, move, and strengthen themselves physically and artistically.

Visual Art: This program for students in all grades includes activities such as painting and drawing using a variety of media. Children develop their expressive skills, reflecting their diverse backgrounds and make connections to world art.  This program is 100% funded by the PTA.

San Francisco Ballet: San Francisco Ballet’s artist-in-residence program, Dance in Schools and Communities, offers dance instruction and music from around the world, enabling students to learn about their bodies, focus their energy, and develop creatively.

Instrumental Music: 4th and 5th graders are offered weekly instruction in violin, flute, clarinet or another instrument of their choice.





Choral Music: Making music is a lot of fun!  Students in all grades learn musical concepts followed by warm-ups and singing songs that illustrate the concept of the day.  The songs are accompanied by a piano, which adds harmony and rhythm to the singing.

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