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School Events

Read -Aloud Day:  To celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel), we invite community leaders to read aloud to students in each classroom. Community readers have included San Francisco Unified School District’s Superintendent, San Francisco’s Police Chief,  San Francisco’s Fire Chief, and the San Francisco Symphony’s Resident Conductor.

Spirit Month : Each Friday of Spirit Month has a designated theme such as Sports Day, Pajama Day, and Sunset Spirit Day.  The kids are encouraged to be a part of the fun by dressing for the theme.  During Spirit Month we also have our Community Picnic in Golden Gate Park and we end the month with our very popular Family Dance.


Water Week: During this week, the community and outside sources such as the San Francisco Fire Department come together to discuss the importance of water in our everyday lives. The week ends with a “Water Day” activity fair during which students can apply information learned in the classroom while also having fun.

Activity Day: Each year students are treated to an Activity Day if the school’s food-drive goal is achieved in the fall. Students can sign up for their favorite activity, such as arts and crafts, sports and cooking classes. Each teacher sponsors an activity.


Fifth-Grade Picnic: Students spend a day with their teachers and families at McNear’s Beach in San Rafael. The day is a celebration of students’ time together at Sunset Elementary before they move on to new experiences in middle school.

Bike to School Day: Each year we take to our two-wheelers and ride from near and far to school!  Prior to Bike to School Day, our students are trained in bicycle safety, and safe routes to school are identified. We encourage families to bike to school to get more exercise and to save our environment.

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